The Company

Letsgotosardinia is a Sardinia-based tour operator that creates and organizes themed and bespoke tours of Sardinia, with the aim of offering a tourism product suitable for all seasons.

This project came to life after spending several years in the tourism industry and is driven by the charm of Sardinia’s remarkable archaeological and natural heritage, along with the rich and longstanding traditions carefully preserved by the welcoming inhabitants.

With a deep knowledge of the region, a crucial aspect for establishing strong collaborations with local professionals, the company aims to become a leader in the cultural tourism market in Sardinia and a trusted source of expert advice and guidance.

Letsgotosardinia is pleased to assist tourism enterprises in accurately designing the most memorable and impactful tours for curious travelers who are eager to explore the least-known corners of Sardinia.

Tour packages include all services necessary for a comprehensive tour, selected with great care after meticulous research to ensure the highest levels of quality.

This solution offers travelers all the positive aspects of a holiday, as they will have little to think about other than enjoying themselves, discovering new places, and relaxing.

Letsgotosardinia takes care of all the details, providing the security of a package that includes reservations for guided tours, accommodations, transfers and the most interesting experiences, all at an affordable price.

Whether they choose to participate in an active tour, hiking through the mountains and canyons of the rugged interior, or simply wish to explore a nuraghe, Letsgotosardinia is dedicated to fulfilling everyone’s wishes, making every holiday exciting and unforgettable by providing full and continuous assistance throughout the entire stay.


Carlo Melis
General Manager and Founder