The Earth Tour

(4 - 9 June, 2024)

In our Earth itinerary, we will discover the places, monuments, and historical and natural evidence that strongly link our region to the presence of man as much as the earth to life.

The earth has been considered, since the dawn of civilization, to be a mother in whose womb we – human beings, animals and plants – were all born and to which we will all return.

A tour of the Earth cannot miss, therefore, the Archaeological Museum of Cagliari, where statuettes depicting the Mother Goddess are kept.

Adored and evoked in the most ancient cults, the cult of the Mother Goddess was at the centre of megalithic constructions such as the tombs of the giants which, from a bird’s eye view resemble stylized bull heads, a masculine symbol of fertility and, viewed from the ground, the figure of a woman in labor. A perfect combination as human life originates in the union of the female and male elements. The same symbolism lays behind the domus de janas, Neolithic stone tombs carved from the rock, also included in our tour.

The path to discovery passes through the great buildings of the nuraghi and the holy wells. The latter were erected following the architectural principles of nuraghi, and hosted initiation rites and rituals related to fertility – of women, earth and livestock – where water was crucial.

During this itinerary we will also discover the remains of the people who, in the Neolithic, built the base upon which our civilization developed over the centuries: together we will visit some menhirs which are dotted across Sardinia. In fact, over seven hundred have been found, featuring both smooth faces and also carved with anthropomorphic or symbolic figures. Stuck in the ground, these perdas fittas (Sardinian for stuck stones), take on different symbolic and religious meanings and were used in propitiatory fertility rites.

The same earth is the basis for human nutrition and sustenance, and a circuit of events that celebrates the fruits of the earth involves different villages in the heart of Sardinia, which allows visitors to live unforgettable experiences of food, wine, crafts and unique natural landscapes.

A journey that also highlights the artistic flair of men and women capable of producing admirable works inspired by the earth.

Among these, the works of the artist Maria Lai stand out. A follower of the Arte Povera movement, she shifted from sculpture to textile art. Playing with wires and books, stones and bread, she has translated the archaic symbols and legends of Sardinian civilization into the language of contemporary art, creating complex and poetic works where man, as a spectator, participates in the definition of the work itself.

Community and sharing are emphasized when we participate in a cooking workshop to discover the secrets of the preparation of culurgiones, a very delicious ear-shaped pasta, stuffed with potatoes and pecorino cheese. Traditionally prepared at the end of the wheat harvest, they were offered as a sign of gratitude towards to the earth, dear friends and relatives.

Finally, we will hike to the famous cliff-like rock formations of the so-called Tacchi (Heels) and stop at the magical and fabulous pebble beaches of Mari Pintau and Cala Goloritzé.


Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6


To Know

The price of the tour is 1.035 Euros per person

The price covers the following services:

  • 5-night stay in a double/twin room and breakfast at 3-star hotels at the locations listed in the tour summary
  • Lunch at restaurants or farmhouses on Days 2 and 3
  • Packed lunch on Day 4
  • Dinner at hotels on Days 2, 3 and 4
  • Activities and entrance fees for all the attractions included in the tour summary
  • All bus transfers to the locations and attractions included in the tour summary
  • English speaking guide for the whole tour

The price excludes:

  • Flights
  • One-way transfer from Cagliari-Elmas airport to the centre of Cagliari on Day 1
  • Lunch on Days 1, 5 and 6
  • Dinner on Days 1 and 5 (allow around 20-30 Euros per dinner)
  • Tips
  • Tourist tax (if applicable), payable directly at hotels


Price of a single supplement is 145 Euros



Group size: 12-18 people

Minimum number required for travel: 12 people

Booking deadline: 15 April 2024 (50 days prior to the start of tour)

Daily activities run from around 9 am (after breakfast) until 6 pm every day

In the event of adverse weather conditions or other inconveniences beyond our control, attractions included in the tour can be exchanged or replaced by other attractions among those suggested by the guide

As an active tour that includes excursions, visits to archaeological sites located on countryside terrain, and stopovers at beaches, it is recommended that guests bring appropriate clothing and footwear (e.g.: hiking shoes, waterproof jacket, bathing suit, sun protection)

No previous experience is needed to attend this tour, however we’ll be crossing some steep inclines at some point while walking and hiking, therefore a decent level of general fitness is required

Meals are made up of three courses including a drink


For Payment and Cancellation Policy, please refer to our Terms and Conditions page


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